Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Hello, thanks for visiting my writing space..... I've posted my poems and short stories here for the past six years or more. It's been a rewarding experience to publish my work in this way. Thank you to all readers.

All posts are now archived - but not forgotten. I am going to draw a line and begin to publish new work here. I'll also post some work from the archives from time to time. Now I am moving forward with my writing, with a book coming out next year and other projects in the works....


A new book of my writing (with artwork) will be published in 2016 - by a US small press publisher - more details to follow shortly.

You may read my work elsewhere. I am pleased to have poems published in The Rialto - the UK's finest poetry journal/magazine.

For those of you interested in my 'Grandmama' stories: I am working on a book of stories but this may take some time to take shape.

I am also working on a new series of poems.


Look out for new posts over the coming weeks and months, thanks always