Tuesday, 24 November 2015

time was away and elsewhere

detail: time was away and elsewhere

detail view

time was away and elsewhere we knew
only trees scratched into wet landscape
old poets wandered between lines and
clouds oh England scrawled on the back
of an envelope and days of rain held
us dearly and we became other flower
without shame and life between was
a bird's refrain with moonfaced
children spilling from stories and their
laughter making the green world giddy
I was the footnote of wood and leaf
a handwriting exercise with mice
nibbled shadow and the old poets
knelt in deep fog praising only
the smallest of birds

Monday, 23 November 2015

in hush of night we lose our shapes

in hush of night we lose our shapes

in hush of night we lose our shapes
become kimono sleeved strangers
walking above frost our voices paler
than mirrors yes you know us by now
wandering from poem to poem and
always a mystery to ourselves not
magi or angel yet forever in winter
see here now in the gleaming dark my
not quite breath glittering with words for
ice see also my cold parched hands
holding nothing but the stars oh stars
and the trees are bent in frozen mirth
they become more like themselves
in winter and we shiver to be so still
we of shadow and prayful dreams
bring together the fern and footprint
a child might remember then leave all
poems in the snow for the pleasure
of it


this improvised text began with the opening two lines noted down and then left for several days, without too much consideration. I had a 'false start' with this piece - I began to stitch and then froze - (quite apt for wintry writing perhaps). However, I overcame my initial block, I started over again and this piece came about.

It is important to me that the improvisational quality remains - and that does mean from time to time an idea might not work out or might need revisiting another day.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

last leaves like patient birds

last leaves like patient birds
one morning there in the almost
perfectly naked tree the next
evening forever gone oh but I will
remember you all three like wise
creatures of some other life
awaiting some instruction and
in the mean time in your wisdom
of nothingness singing such a
delicate silence almost to be
heard and with no calling out
I could quite believe in you
and the blackened flowers
and bright velvet lichen
and the brighter eyes in hedges
and commas of last seed
and slips of wild blossom
made winter as I walked


As with others in this ongoing series, the above text was improvised and came about as I stitched. My working in this way means I am challenging myself technically and am trusting my own flow. My starting point for this piece was the first phrase, which I had thought about for a few days beforehand - it's that time of year when many trees in my neighbourhood are down to their last few leaves. Walking home at nearly four one afternoon, I noted the shape of curled leaves at the top of a tree. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and let it work itself out without my conscious deliberation.

I am keeping a notebook of random or otherwise images and this helps me out when thinking of new ideas.

Thanks for your interest in these improvised works. Much appreciated!