Thursday, 19 March 2015

Something Else

My latest poetry zine - something else - is now available. A limited edition of 60.

This handmade little booklet Features a sequence of a dozen poems exploring Art History, paintings and more.

For further details and to purchase visit my shop here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

something else - a new poetry zine

putting together a new poetry booklet/zine

'something else' is a new poetry + art zine/pamphlet - and will be available from my artwork shop next week, Wednesday 18th March.

Previous zines have explored dreams, nature and gardens - the new poems in 'something else' take the reader into the worlds of galleries, Art history, paintings and and creativity. I've included a fold out page at the back of the little booklet, with a snapshot of recent sketchbooks. The cover is lovely black paper with my own artwork and stitch detail.

This is a limited edition of just sixty signed copies. (Sorry I am not reserving any, so first come first served!)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lines Hand Drawn

Where do we live, where to fit
tight as threads?

These days I mean,
where in constant hum

and sweet spring sunshine,
the rush of colours.

We thin lines together
no bold stripe of a mother

yet stretched as mountains
flattened by clouds

or holding ourselves together
so that we don't smudge the picture

wanting only a few more
child-like prayers -

oh to be coastlines of unknown paradise,
route maps to ancient flower fields -

not a tick but a trembling sigh
and the work of writing

itself an echo of
things yet overheard,

over and over as practise,
circling, tailing,