Friday, 3 April 2015


Late in the morning
she remembers her blank face -
nothing yet has made her smile

or frown
no-one mind hers

so that in many ways she
has gone out
back through time
into the somewhere only
beautiful women may tip-toe,
idly, wildly, through bramble, rose
and verdigris golds -

and where her eyes might be
there is a list of words for love
and magpies, and stolen pearls
lacking in wisdom, gleaming as pears

and if she could click her teeth
together they might be tiny
and sharp, but not the kind
a painter would want
others to know about.

For now she is improvised,
just for now her head is held with lines
and not a wealth of plump white oil,

and she is naked
except for the bosom which
is always placed first,

and with both hands she
lifts her hair and tugs at the daylight
as the space around her
brightens with flowers, becomes pocket-sized,

a smallish paradise.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Something Else

My latest poetry zine - something else - is now available. A limited edition of 60.

This handmade little booklet Features a sequence of a dozen poems exploring Art History, paintings and more.

For further details and to purchase visit my shop here.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

something else - a new poetry zine

putting together a new poetry booklet/zine

'something else' is a new poetry + art zine/pamphlet - and will be available from my artwork shop next week, Wednesday 18th March.

Previous zines have explored dreams, nature and gardens - the new poems in 'something else' take the reader into the worlds of galleries, Art history, paintings and and creativity. I've included a fold out page at the back of the little booklet, with a snapshot of recent sketchbooks. The cover is lovely black paper with my own artwork and stitch detail.

This is a limited edition of just sixty signed copies. (Sorry I am not reserving any, so first come first served!)