Monday, 18 January 2016

winter maladies + winter cures

winter maladies

starry-eyed sorrow see also
nightwatchfulness - dry heart
grey smile - gait of sorrows
mitten grasp - see also scarf rash
days into night into night
small shadowness - forgetfulness
angel dilemmas - illusions of
icy grandeur - frail kisses
see also Jack Frost complex
bare tree cough see also
barking up the wrong tree
cheery distemper - snow stare
smitten with past loves
see also hopeless dreams

winter cures

dancing as a snowflake
bird song - tea and sympathy
pockets filled with seeds - music
plotting gardens - oranges and
lemons - see also honeyed
poems - the kindness of
strangers - walking and
walking see also walking
following footprints into
dreams letting go of
dilemmas until springtime
hats in bed - jolly
colours - warm hands

I've had a long interest in old accounts/books of disease and ailments and herbal cures, 'herbals' and the history of medicine. The past was a squalid time, so many books will tell you. There are unusual diseases to be read about. Now of course we have our own 'syndromes' and modern-life problems. A while back I wrote a series of small poems called 'summer maladies' - and this text/stitch work follows on from that. Not taking myself too seriously and yet hitting upon aspects many may relate with. I was not so sure about construction for this piece but decided eventually on two pieces that could be displayed side by side or one above the other.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

notes on apples

notes on apples

reading apples
to hear the same story
over and over
right to the pip


an apple seed
buried in winter
will flower before you


warm slithers of moon
drawn with a kitchen knife

her hands a riddle of skins


the orchard is mossy and raw -
apple feels such an odd promise

a faraway shape
in an otherwise sky



I hope to have new stitch/text work to show you next week.

Meanwhile, you may like to know I am working on a short poetry course: spring notebook - to come in spring this year.....

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

improvisation - thread the needle again

thread the needle again....

thread the needle again
for there is no beginning
only ever starting over light
pulling at layers of ideas a
summer child smiles through
winter fog and I see now the
everything and nothing of so
so-called beginnings how time
is a weary splendid dream
a calling of mixed feathers and
rain sodden oh the stench of time
we think away and now I should
whisper or sing you a yet for
hope the trepidation of mice in
daydreams oh quite becoming
a good friend to almost and
we lift our voices to hear
the first notes of
old familiars


Continuing on with my improvisations - the beginning phrase: 'thread the needle again for there is no beginning...' was pencilled in my notebook, almost forgotten, until I sat down to stitch. I considered time and how we often see the beginning of a new year as something new, but this is of course illusionary, perhaps?

I'll be working on improvisation pieces over the coming weeks. (Most new works will be offered for sale, added to my shop on Wednesdays).