Saturday, 1 March 2014


Thank you for reading during February, a month that became a happy challenge to post something new here every day.

All the writing posted during February was new work, I saw little point in cheating myself by posting older notes. I sometimes worked on several pieces at once, as one idea led me to another. Then, before posting I gave a piece of writing a quick read through for obvious errors and clarity, but all you have read is in early draft stages. That is the way of nevering, to share the never ending process of start and evolution and the threads of ideas.

I am grateful to you if you have been reading along, or dipping in when time allows. Thanks for the kind comments and emails, and thanks to Lorie who gave me the idea to write daily, at least for a month.

Some of the ideas and characters may continue on, others will exist always in just a few words. I am going to explore story a little more this year and am always currently working on poems. I've got ideas too for some kind of illustrated tiny story book. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am looking to post work by guest writers over the next few months. Submission guidelines will be shared soon.



  1. It was a delight to read your poems and stories. I looked forward to them every day - and do hope some of the characters will be explored more.
    Best wishes for the little illustrated collection!

  2. I have been dipping in when time allows but hope to read them all, I enjoy all your stories and poems, thank you.